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ICT Changes

IT is changing fast. In the past we have seen many new software solutions showing up and after a while they disappeared or occasionally popped up again. Today solutions as Cloud, hybrid, analytics, cognitive computing, Artificial Intelligence and big data are hot.

How do you know what is best for your business with all those new software? What is the common factor I need to take in consideration?

Cloud and performance. We all talking about cloud because it is a great solution for certain applications, but not for all. Finding performance problems is more complex. You need tools capable of a helicopter view over the complete infrastructure, However I recommend to look to this from a business perspective and monitor the cloud based on business applications. By the way, we offering cloud monitoring from our cloud solution.

Hybrid: a solution with great potential; we are using IBM smartcloud monitoring with Hybrid and V8 and are capable to monitor applications end2end. A great value for your business and if you use analytics together with the V* and hybrid you can reduce helpdesk calls and system outages with at least 70%, giving great value to the business.

How about cognitive computing and AI? Performance is not statistical measurement only. A lot of dependencies, relationships and systems can be totally unpredictable. The total number of combinations between software, hardware, applications, databases, microcode and Bios is complicated. This makes it difficult to do root analytics if you don’t have the right tools.

We have written a combination of analytics and AI to predict performance issues to help organizations to change from fire fighting to predictive analytics.

Conclusion; today you need sophisticated solutions, monitoring only your infra structure is not an option anymore.

9 februrary 2016