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ITPA as speaker at Interconnect Las Vegas 2016

Interconnect 2016 has been finished and was a great success. The value of the presentations  and speakers was high.  Of course my field of interest is Performance. Following the performance sessions I noticed the focus on APM and analytics. We are seeing already great new things for managing our applications and it is already a must for everybody to run applications with less performance problems.

Ok, now a few KPi’s  if you are planning interconnect 2017

1) Your suitcase needs to have at least 70% free space

2) Walking shoes top KPi’s from myself, was 13 Km on one day, so set an alert if you want to do less miles or km.

3) limit the amount of t-shirts I have 10 new ones

4) next to t-shirts, one backpack, 2 USB sticks, one tool kit, 1 pair of headphones, 1 redhat cap, 1 suse cap, a lot of documentation and a lot of food, luckily I walked a lot so this don’t count.

Ok, it is time to get my plane back with a 99% loaded suitcase.

Thanks to all presenters, hotel employees and staff and the Interconnect organization for a great job, well done.