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Monitoring software only for large and medium enterprises or also for small and medium companies.

Performance and event monitoring; you can use them in any kind of environment. However, because of pricing and complexity they are difficult to use in small environments. Requirements for small environment and I consider small 3 to 5 servers. You have to  choose between available tools already available on the system or using a cloud solution like ITPA delivers. If you start using your own tools you have most of the times a problem in understanding the KPi’s, like queue length, system interrupts etc, and how to resolve performance issues.

Now the question is, is it really needed in small environments to monitor performance and infrastructure as well as applications? First of all, the main problem in a lot of small environments is that to hire an ICT specialist is costly. So most of the times they know a free lancer who helps them out. Not always is this done in a professional way because you need to know a lot of things. Network, dns, active directory etc and don’t forget security. This can lead to system interrupts or slow performance in applications.

Conclusion; even small sized companies are in need of a monitoring solution. But don’t do it yourself; we have setup performance service centers capable of running monitoring from our cloud and advise you with a professional team of ICT people. We clustering several small companies together and this  makes it for us attractive as well, many small ones are a big one. This enable us to keep the costs low and give small sized companies the service of a large size ICT department. We deliver in Europe, USA and Australia.

13 march 2016