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ERP and performance

A lot of companies are purchasing expensive ERP software, next they start hiring implementation partners and rewrite the code. A lot of money has been spend but now they start testing in development the code and systems are not performing. They did not purchase any monitoring tool because most of the times companies expected the right performance or, with cloud and virtualisation we can add easily a bigger system. Next they add a bigger system and surprise, same thing has been happening, performance is still slow.

Did they think about doing a capacity planning first? “No problem; most of the times we start thinking after we implement our system and performance problems are showing up.”

Today with complex ICT environments you need to plan a budget for performance management and implement performance management software before you start implementing any application. First capacity planning and monitoring, next, application software and finally pro-active monitoring. This can save you a lot of frustration, not only for the IT manager but for the whole company.

7 may 2016