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Financial damage if transactions are slow or computers are down.

Just check all the articles about financial damage because of computer systems are failing. http://www.evolven.com/blog/downtime-outages-and-failures-understanding-their-true-costs.html check this web link. If we like to avoid this, we need to have the right security and monitoring tools in place. We purchasing expensive ERP solutions for hundred thousands of dollars, but a lot of companies fail if they need the proper security and monitoring tools to protect their systems, Most of the time, companies think of it that it’s an insurance you need it if the damage is done.

However reality is different, the right performance tools and security tools can prevent a lot; not 100%, but at least you can protect your assets and proactively monitor business processes and monitor the performance of your transactions as well as continuous monitoring of business transactions, can reduce damage caused by delays in transactions.

Don’t think it will hit only the big companies, performance today can hit even the smallest companies. Be pro-active and if you purchasing expensive software, always plan budget for performance and security for every new application or software piece you are installing. What is cheaper: using performance software and security software or be confronted by system downtime.

12 june 2016