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Performance Management: Many times it is not what you see, It’s what you don’t see.

You are sitting behind your screen and you’re searching for a nice vacation, you select a few countries and wait for more than 3 sec, but no reaction… You don’t want to wait any longer and you select another travel agency.

Most of you will recognize that this is not only the case with travel agencies but with all kind of applications. Complexity of ICT is increasing because we are adding more and more components to our infrastructure, like firewalls, load balancers, virus checkers etc. All those things can delay performance.

Now your monitor will tell you for example; your transaction is delaying several seconds but what they don’t tell you is the reason of the delay. Some types of delay you can see without problems, for example, when a CPU is not capable to handle the load.

What you don’t see is that this CPU cannot handle the load because of a wrong parameter setting. Our Artificial Intelligence system is capable of handling this type of mistakes for many applications and vendor software.

Increase your hardware capacity and save money, by parameter management combined with performance management. For the last 2 years our system is in production and we increased performance from 8 sec in some occasions to 0.1 second by changing parameters.

For the moment our software is working together with IBM APM and IBM ITM but in september, we will release a new version supporting IBM, BMC, ASG and Dynatrace. Also we deliver a cheap cloud solution for your applications including performance and parameter management.

3 july 2016