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The ups and downs of a startup

2 years ago I had the choice between searching for a job or develop a new idea and start a company. Searching for a job is a most difficult task if you are 60 years old. So my choice was to start a new company and develop something every company could use.

Now we finished building our own Artificial Intelligence system for performance solutions and optimizing performance transactions. The system has been used already by customers in the USA, Australia, Singapore, Belgium and The Netherlands.

Next part, how do you market and get the interest of prospects; start writing about the solutions on social media and try winning awards. Our solution has won several awards now and we using these in making our solution well known.


Now the most difficult part; if you need to expand the company and after several months of development you need of course finance, this part takes a lot of time and most of the time you get a frustrating no, because you are to small, the money you like to borrow is to small for us, in  the mean time your financial situation is going down the drain and you get a debt, next excuse you get is, we don’t finance a company in debt and you get more frustrated and finally you are only working in getting money in the company.

Do you need to give up now, even with a solution that has proven itself in worldwide companies, no, the search continues and finally you find a few business angels taking the risk and start helping expanding your business.

Now we are able to build the company and work on a great solution helping customers and focus on the technical part. Next step is to find more finance to expand the company worldwide.

These are the ups and downs you have in a company. Is this different if you have a job in a large corporation? I had a carrier with ups and downs as well and it is almost the same as your own company only the risk is lower because it is not your own money.

And if you like to be part of this adventure and like to invest feel free to call or mail me.

30 july 2016