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Intelligent Performance Management

Monitoring is only a small part of performance management. For a complete performance model we have completed several strategic partnerships with IBM, Dynatrace and Lansweeper.

It looks like a strange combination but this relationships enable us to deliver a complete performance management model for our customers as a Saas solution.

Now you have a view of our complete delivery model. In performance you need to know the hardware, software, fix packs etc on the different systems, because of this we added CMDB to our total model. Performance delays are costing organisations money. Our solutions present you the cost of delays on the ICT and the business site.

It is important to know if your code is causing performance problems before moving this in production. Our total solution is capable to monitor the performance of your application before moving to production and is part of our total solution model.

And Finally the whole model can be up and running in one hour and start configuring itself. You don’t need to configure, for example, database connections or end to end performance paths. Because of this the ROI is very high and you don’t need an FTE to install and maintain our solution.

10 september 2016