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Reactive or proactive, what do you prefer?

Can you afford a reactive approach in ICT and all business applications?


Reactive to Proactive

If it comes to Performance Management, thinking is like with insurances. “I only need it when it actually happens”. Today with our Saas solution you can move quick and easy from reactive to proactive.


The R.O.I on performance management is very low compared to the damage you can experience if you did not take any precautions.

Pointing fingers

“Yes, but I am running in the Cloud and my cloud provider is responsible for the infrastructure.” Yes, but not for your business applications. If a problem starts, nobody will take the responsibility; they all starting finger pointing.

We don’t point, we provide you with a solution.

“The customer is responsible for the delay of performance. The cloud provider is the reason, Hardware capacity is a problem. Database, Network or storage are the reason.”

Everybody is pointing. No solution. Because of this you need total performance management and not only monitoring. Monitoring is only a small part of performance management.