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Complexity and ICT are two words we can not separate anymore. New solutions are showing up and disappear rapidly. Today we are talking about cloud, hybrid, analytic, Watson, Big data, AWS, Containers, Docker and many other things.

Difficulty now is what the right direction for your company is. Next, expensive projects are failing because of the complexity and yet we already focusing on Internet of Things (IOT). Connecting more devices on the network, more security and fast performance are demands for your ICT staff, otherwise the financial side of the business get problems.

We need to do more with less people and budget, still we need a focus on new things and not on improvement of our older technology. For example ports; every application is using ports for connecting to other devices or applications. We don’t have regulations about port numbers and more and more we receive software from vendors using the same port. You install the new software and next, another application fails a few weeks later if you restart a system.

New technology is great but get first your environment under control and stop with reactive damage control, move to proactive first before implementing new things as IOT, Cloud or other, otherwise you will loose control.

11 october 2016