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IT.PA BV Control Center

ICT Environments are changing fast, today ICT infrastructure monitoring is not enough. We need to know if business transactions are responding within our sla’s or are they slowing down because of infrastructure problems, Security attacks or other reasons. The main problem in Silo monitoring is the combination of problems and the lack of a total overview of our business.

 This is only part of our total infrastructure, combinations of Hardware components, Software, Network, Patches, Fix packs, BIOS, Microcode etc are incredible high and creating a complex environment for performance, Also cloud, IOT, Security, Storage etc are creating more complexity to a environment. If we add IOT and PLC alerts monitoring a real business environment we add another layer to the complexity of end2end monitoring. Also we have several different portal for the different monitors. One for OS, One for the databases, one for network issues etc.

Now you receive an alert response time has been slowing down, because of the different silo’s you have no idea where the problem start and what is the root cause of the problem. What you need is the manager of the monitors, does this exist and how does it look like, is it complicated to implement.

New portal

ITPA just launched a new portal based on IBM ITM but combined with several other monitors like Dynatrace, Appdynamics or IBM performance management. We combined the strongest solutions in the industry with our own Artificial Intelligence system.


Now you have a real business solution for different industries not only capable of detection of a problem but it gives a solution as well. The picture below shows our one shop portal for infrastructure, Performance, security and business (PLC) monitoring in one console, from this console you can go to the root cause of the problem, combined with analytic s and cognitive. Total install time 2 min per server and you are up and running.



12 november 2016