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Security & Performance what is the common factor?

What are the common factors in Performance & Security

Security today is one of the components you need in every IT environment, what has this to do with performance.

It is a trade off. You can make your environment highly secured and end users starting to complain, because the system is so slow,  they are hardly able to work. Within performance you need to know, for example, how long it does take an anti-virus program to check a file. And if I transfer a lot of small files, will this delay performance.

Most of the times we install software without knowing the influence of performance on the end user and if we have antivirus checkers, malware detection, firewalls etc. in place performance drops and the systems are becoming unstable.

Avoiding performance drops.

And, yes security is required, but how can I avoid performance drops caused by security. Test and monitor. Before installing any software set a baseline on your performance and monitor end 2 end response times before installing any new software. After the baseline has been set, install the new software and measure the influence on performance.

This approach is working for all new software you need to install. Also, check before installing, parameter settings and possibilities for tuning of the new software.

A lot of times we have different parameters influencing the performance of a system, check them before installing.

Above recommendations are also valid for IOT. Today we are installing many unknown devices connected to our network. Security becomes an issue but performance as well. You don’t know the influence of all those devices on the network.

Performance is already a complicated task and without proper monitoring almost impossible. Not the infrastructure is important, but the end user performance is even more important. Monitoring today is not only infrastructure but the relationship with different components and devices as well the end user response times. A system not responding but highly secured is not a workable solution.

14 januari 2017

Security & Performance