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Artificial Intelligence and Maximo

ITPA developed an AI system for optimizing performance of infrastructure and applications. We started with JDEdwards and now completed a self-learning system for parameter optimization, business applications and Operating systems and all components in between.

Last month we used the system in a large utility company with problems in Maximo. Our system was capable to learn how the system performance is and how all the parameter are set.

After a week, we implemented changes and the Maximo systems became stable. No more crashes. One week later we had another set of improvements given by the AI system. We implemented the improvements. No more performance problems.

Our AI system is using Tivoli ITM for the infrastructure and databases, Dynatrace for the response times. A great combination and easy to implement because we are offering this as a Saas solution. Implementation time: 3 min for a server and you are up and running.

We are not limited to Maximo or JDEdwards; our system has handled now several applications for different industries, like Logistics, Finance, Automotive, Transportation and Insurance.

Over 3 months we combine performance and security, you need to know first of all if your systems are protected, but also the cost of security and how much delay are you experiencing in performance.

More important, can I improve performance of, for example, virus checkers without compromising security.

1 februari 2017