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Suppose your transactions are slowing down, you have several servers connected in many different countries.

How do you find the root cause of the problem? Most of the times they call the software manufacturer and they send a consultant. At the end of the day, an expensive invoice and no results. Then another guy is sent; same story, an expensive bill  and no results. So, this goes on and on and now we are in 2018 and still the problem is there.

Now the CIO is the centre of attention at all the meetings within the company, poor guy. We decide to assist this company and from our cloud solution we install our Artificial Intelligence system, We start our investigation: checking parameters here and there; help! they are all connected, how do we resolve this and how many relationships does this software and infrastructure have?

Hard to find the solution

Exactly, this is why you are not capable to find a solution if you are only a consultant; also history is an important factor in a lot of companies, you have to deal with the OS guys, they are responsible for the OS and this is the only part in the chain they think is important, then we go to the database guy. Buy the way he thinks a database can run without OS.

I forgot almost that thing that is connected with wires and switches and computers, are communicating over this wires. Now I detected you need a helicopter overview to check the complete environment. I am happy I have a virtual helicopter build in my AI system to check all those relationships and components.

Now we need to find the part that is not happy anymore in this relationship and is ready for a divorce. After a while we find the responsible part and yes, this is the weakest link: one parameter setting in a software module. Now we asked our AI module can you repair this? and yes it did: the weakest link became the strongest link.


Problem solved. I travel with my AI friend to the next customer and I think: it is expensive having a consultant working for you for over a year, while we could have solved it in a week.

Monitoring and R.O.I.

CIO at ITPAGroup