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Complexity of ICT today.

ict complexity

CIO at ITAGroup

The influence and complexity of ICT today.

In the past we had one mainframe servicing customers worldwide. Today we connect hundreds, even thousands of systems together and many software components across network connections worldwide. Also every system has several modules running. Databases, webservers and thousands of combinations adding to our complexity.

We are running client servers, cloud, webservers, storage components, IOT, analytics etc., etc., etc. And we are adding almost every month new acronyms and complex layers to our client server architecture.  Let’s focus for a moment on IOT. You connect thousands of unknown devices to several systems and nobody knows what is connected and how applications are connecting to all this devices.

Is it not time for our vendors to go back to the drawing board? Think what we creating today and where we are going. More complexity, or will somebody design a solution to make it easier and not more complex. I think, a big challenge for an Artificial Intelligence System.