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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Parameter Analytics

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Parameter Analytics

Resolving performance problems is a challenging task and a lot of times not possible if you don’t have the right tools and visibility over the total infrastructure and all components and the path a transaction will follow.

The transaction will go over many devices. Software components making it hard to find the reason of a slowdown in performance of a transaction all the way to the end user.

Today we have different monitoring tools for infrastructure and application performance monitoring. Are they capable to tell you exactly where to find a problem and more important, how to resolve this?

In some cases, if it are simple problems, they can pinpoint you in the right direction. But what can they do if a value in a parameter from, for example, your web server has the wrong value and your system is using all the memory of the server.

You see that 100% memory is in use and you buy additional memory. After you installed the memory, you still get: 100% memory in use, again and again. It don’t have to tell you; adjust the value in this setup parameter.

How did we overcome this issue:

ITPA has developed a unique Artificial Intelligence system, capable of analyzing those values and recommending the best values for the fastest performance.

  • AI And Parameter analytics
    Artificial Intelligence (AI) And Parameter analytics