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Big Data, Analytics and ICT Performance

Changes in ICT

Today ICT is changing, Big Data, Analytics, IOT what do they have in common. They require different infrastructures. If you implement this kind of technology your existing performance will drop because of the amount of data requires fast analytics and more data or more IOT is more network traffic.

Today we noticed an increasing amount of companies with performance problems, most of the times they are buying and implementing many new applications and applications; nowadays it requires more and stronger hardware comparing with the past. An application in the past was running in 1 GB of memory and one CPU, today most of the time applications require at least 8 GB of memory and a minimum of 2 CPU’s.

How can we avoid problems if we stating implementing Big data, IOT or Analytics, first you need analytics on your own infrastructure to calculate the required extra capacity. secondly understand the architecture of your software and applications. Most of the times companies are working in silo’s. You need a department having visibility over the total infrastructure, applications and architecture.

Last part you need a proper implementation plan before implementing this in a existing environment. Yes I hear you see we running n the cloud.Of course Cloud solutions are great but most f our customers are cloud customers this year. Last year we had only on premis customers, this shows us the changes going on more people moving to the cloud without monitoring applications and end2end transactions.

Monitoring is not the highest requirement by a lot of companies they think of this as an insurance until systems are crashing or slowing down. This is the type of situation you need to avoid because the damage on the business is greater than the damage on ICT.