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Complexity and IT performance.

Complexity and IT performance.

Performance is as complex as the human body, combinations are endless. Let us compare this with some pain in your head. You go to a doctor and he likes to do a diagnostic but he doesn’t have the right tools. It’s like a consultant for performance problems but without instruments.

What to do next, the consultant thinks it is the database. So, he focuses on the database. But without instruments he is unable to do a proper diagnostic, he can only concentrate on the outside parts of the brain.

Ok, we are going to a specialist with a MRI scan, the consultant needs some tools to monitor the whole environment and is not limited to a few parts of the environment. Ok, we give him the right tools from our Saas solution so we don’t have to install complicated instruments first and now we can do our diagnostics very quickly.

Now the problem is that we can do diagnostics but we don’t have the proper knowledge to check if it is the right diagnostics. We need to have knowledge of the systems before we can do in-depth diagnostics.

The specialist will check the different types of symptoms by using diagnostic software; we use vendor monitors in combination with our Artificial Intelligence engine to quickly do work on the right diagnostics.

After the diagnostics are completed we need to find a remedy to optimize the transaction’s, again our AI system will diagnose and find a cure. Within the diagnostic cycle it will read the value of different parameters from the OS, DB, Web servers, Applications etc. to find and recommend the right values for optimal speed.

A unique approach not only for transactions of Business processes but as well from great value of IOT components, different applications, mobile devices, cloud, containers etc.

The patient will be healthy again and the condition of the patient is back to normal levels, our ICT components are running normal, performance is at required levels and we start now at a new level by preventing problems before they showing up.

CEO at ITPAGroup

May 10 2017