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JDEdwards & IT Performance issues

If you are facing JDEdwards IT performance issues…

Resolving performance problems is a challenging task. A lot of times it will be almost impossible if you do not have the right tools. You will not have an overview of the total infrastructure and all components and no overview of the path a transaction will follow. The transaction will go over many devices. Software components making it hard to find the reason of a slowdown in performance of a transaction all the way to the end user.

Lack of tools

These days many different monitoring tools for infrastructure and application performance monitoring are available. Are they capable to tell you exactly where to find a problem and more important, how to resolve this? In some cases, if it are simple problems, they can pinpoint you in the right direction. But what can they do if a value in a parameter from, for example, your web server has the wrong value and your system is using all the memory of the server. You see that 100% memory is in use and you buy additional memory. After you installed the memory, you still get: 100% memory in use, again and again. It don’t have to tell you; adjust the value in this setup parameter.

How can you overcome this issue?

ITPA has developed a unique Artificial Intelligence system, capable of analyzing those values and recommending the best values for the fastest performance. We started with JDEdwards and now completed a self-learning system for parameter optimization, business applications and operating systems and all components in between. Recently ITPA resolved IT outages and instabilities with organizations using IBM Maximo, JDEdwards, Siebel, Peoplesoft and other ERP & CRM applications.

Every situation is unique and we approach each situation individually. However we can benefit from the enormous knowledge base with over 30.000 rules, helping us to get the optimal parameter settings for each individual situation. So we offer tailor-made-solutions by using a unique platform with experience and data from thousands of situations.

Timeframe and cost factor

ITPA can resolve IT performance issues most of the times within a timeframe of 2 days – 2 weeks. Compare that with bringing in an army of consultants for the next months or even years.

Contact us to get to know us. We can send all detailed information on our service and give you a quote for the service. You’ll be surprised ?

Example case

Last month we used the system in a large utility company with problems in Maximo. Our system was capable to learn how the system performance is and how all the parameter are set.

After a week, we implemented changes and the Maximo systems became stable. No more crashes. One week later we had another set of improvements given by the AI system. We implemented the improvements. No more performance problems.

More information and contact details

Read more about our services at our website: https://www.itpagroup.com/en/services/ or get in touch with us via info@itpagroup.com