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Scoop: Performance Improvement as a Service for Blockchain environments

blockchain Performance might be one of the causes for delay of the fast introduction of Blockchain by many organisations. Here is a quote from Forbes:

Performance Issues

Because of its inherently distributed, peer-to-peer nature, blockchain-based transactions can only complete when all parties update their respective ledgers – a process that might take hours. As ledgers grow, furthermore, people question whether they will bog down. “Blockchain has a lot to prove in its performance,” says Peter Hiom, deputy CEO at the ASX trading exchange.

The transaction delay may also be a deal-killer. “The delay before the final assurance that a transaction has been recorded ‘for good,’ that can be up to a couple of hours, would create too much uncertainty for market participants, especially during time of high volatility,” continues Pierron.’

ITPA Group has developed the solution to this. We now can offer ‘Performance Improvement as a Service specifically for Blockchain environments’. As you can imagine, this is really unique and we are the only one that can offer this by our unique approach. Soon you will hear a lot about this in the media, trust us 🙂