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Performance Improvement Solution Centers

Search for major computer outages or major computer delays and you will find a lot of articles mentioning how huge the financial damages have become. Many IT people will tell management they are safe from this kind of thing, that this only affects large companies.

Well I need to disappoint you, this can happen to everyone even if you are running only 1 or 2 servers, the damage will be less but it can still lead to bankruptcy.

Complexity in ICT is increasing with cloud, hybrid cloud and so on, now you can say well I am going to run everything in the cloud and the problems will disappear. Again I need to disappoint you, this is just the start of your problems, do you know why?

The cloud provider delivers the infrastructure but you implement your own applications and the cloud provider is not aware of the resources you require to run your application. Next you start blaming the cloud and the cloud provider tells you it is your application and the blame game has begun without offering a solution.

In 2017 we had an increase of prospects in the cloud provider space because of performance problems.

Why is performance so difficult?

The first part is the human factor. Many datacenters handle performance as an insurance, I will do something only once something happens. Most of the time it is too late to repair the damage by then and big companies will hit the news when this happens.

Another thing is you need a monitoring solution but can a monitoring solution prevent these kinds of situations. No it will reduce problems but it will not prevent disasters, you first need the knowledge of  a performance guru to understand the complicated problems and to prevent them. Not a lot of companies employ performance guru’s. Also performance monitoring tools are often complicated to implement, requires a lot of hardware and an employee to maintain and understand all the applications running in your environment.

How can we reduce and prevent these kinds of situations if we don’t have the right skills and employees. ITPA has worked fot the last 4 years on an Artificial intelligence system with unique capabilities,  running as a SaaS solution for customers

Parameter analytics, for example you installed an ERP system like SAP, JDEdwards or some other 3 years ago. Back then you ran 30 concurrent users, but now 3 years later you have 100 concurrent users and performance is slower, however no one is thinking about changing the parameter values, even though changing these values will increase performance.

Problem is we have a combination of many servers, applications, services, hardware, network etc. so manually knowing all parameters is an impossible task. Our AI system will analyze them and recommend the right values if performance delays are the reason of wrong parameter values.

Our datacenters in Frankfurt, Amsterdam, UK and the USA will connect to the customers site over high secure VPN tunnels if required and analyze in split seconds performance problems, and this part is unique we don’t only analyze, we also recommend how to resolve the problems.

See https//itpagroup.com for more inforamtion and how to use our high secure performance improvement as a service solution.

Tjeerd Saijoen, founder and CEO, ITPA Group