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28 August 2017

 Performance might be one of the causes for delay of the fast introduction of Blockchain by many organisations. Here is a quote from Forbes: Performance Issues Because of its inherently distributed, peer-to-peer nature, blockchain-based transactions can only complete when all parties update their respective ledgers – a process that might take hours. As ledgers grow,

10 July 2017

If you are facing JDEdwards IT performance issues… Resolving performance problems is a challenging task. A lot of times it will be almost impossible if you do not have the right tools. You will not have an overview of the total infrastructure and all components and no overview of the path a transaction will follow.

No less than 81% of all IT breakdowns, such as delays or computer and network failures, are caused by incorrect or non-optimized parameter settings. Only 3% of all cases proved to be a hardware problem. Research by Dutch ITPA Group revealed this, in probing the causes of 140 major IT breakdowns. Another significant outcome was