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Tjeerd Saijoen CIO at ITAGroup ITPA has extended his cloud services, security health checks are now integrated with performance management, questions like is my website bullet proof or is it possible to break in are part of our security services. As well questions like is this virus checker delaying performance and how to resolve this

  Tjeerd Saijoen CIO at ITPAGroup Complexity and ICT are two words we can not separate anymore. New solutions are showing up and disappear rapidly. Today we are talking about cloud, hybrid, analytic, Watson, Big data, AWS, Containers, Docker and many other things. Difficulty now is what the right direction for your company is. Next,

Our performance tip is about placing a paging or swap file on a RAID drive. The location of the paging or swap file can cause severe delays in performance, if you allocated the paging file on the same physical disk as the OS and the system starts paging, the I/O will increase and everything will

26 September 2016

Can you afford a reactive approach in ICT and all business applications? Reactive to Proactive If it comes to Performance Management, thinking is like with insurances. “I only need it when it actually happens”. Today with our Saas solution you can move quick and easy from reactive to proactive. The R.O.I on performance management is

23 September 2016

Tjeerd Saijoen CIO at ITPAGroup ITPA delivers performance solutions from a Saas model, we are expanding our business and are searching for resellers capable of selling a total performance management solution from the cloud. Location is not important, we deliver from different datacenters worldwide. Our performance solution is not only monitoring but a complete solution

Tjeerd Saijoen CIO at ITPAGroup Monitoring is only a small part of performance management. For a complete performance model we have completed several strategic partnerships with IBM, Dynatrace and Lansweeper. It looks like a strange combination but this relationships enable us to deliver a complete performance management model for our customers as a Saas solution.

2 September 2016

Tjeerd Saijoen CIO at ITPAGroup Large Datacenters are using a UPS and a backup UPS in case of a power failure. They test the UPS; most companies are testing the UPS on a 6 or 12 month time frame.  UPS Backup failing Next, a power failure and your Datacenter is in the dark; backup UPS