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Complexity and IT performance. Performance is as complex as the human body, combinations are endless. Let us compare this with some pain in your head. You go to a doctor and he likes to do a diagnostic but he doesn’t have the right tools. It’s like a consultant for performance problems but without instruments. What

Part 1: Where to start if end users experience slow transactions. The first step is knowing if there are slow applications in the architecture. How are the applications communicating? Connections and ports in use, and what are the hard- and software components. Most of the times if I ask a customer about the architecture of the application,

19 February 2017

Tjeerd Saijoen CIO at ITAGroup The influence and complexity of ICT today. In the past we had one mainframe servicing customers worldwide. Today we connect hundreds, even thousands of systems together and many software components across network connections worldwide. Also every system has several modules running. Databases, webservers and thousands of combinations adding to our complexity.

  Tjeerd Saijoen CIO at ITPAGroup Complexity and ICT are two words we can not separate anymore. New solutions are showing up and disappear rapidly. Today we are talking about cloud, hybrid, analytic, Watson, Big data, AWS, Containers, Docker and many other things. Difficulty now is what the right direction for your company is. Next,

Tjeerd Saijoen CIO at ITPAGroup Monitoring is only a small part of performance management. For a complete performance model we have completed several strategic partnerships with IBM, Dynatrace and Lansweeper. It looks like a strange combination but this relationships enable us to deliver a complete performance management model for our customers as a Saas solution.