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Part 1: Where to start if end users experience slow transactions. The first step is knowing if there are slow applications in the architecture. How are the applications communicating? Connections and ports in use, and what are the hard- and software components. Most of the times if I ask a customer about the architecture of the application,

19 February 2017

Tjeerd Saijoen CIO at ITAGroup The influence and complexity of ICT today. In the past we had one mainframe servicing customers worldwide. Today we connect hundreds, even thousands of systems together and many software components across network connections worldwide. Also every system has several modules running. Databases, webservers and thousands of combinations adding to our complexity.

  Tjeerd Saijoen CIO at ITPAGroup Artificial Intelligence and Maximo ITPA developed an AI system for optimizing performance of infrastructure and applications. We started with JDEdwards and now completed a self-learning system for parameter optimization, business applications and Operating systems and all components in between. Last month we used the system in a large utility

Tjeerd Saijoen CIO at ITPAGroup Performance slowing down: is a monitoring tool the right solution? Are you capable to resolve the problems with APM solutions or any other monitoring tool. We have 2 different monitoring solutions. One is based on infrastructure. The other, latest ones, are based on Application Monitoring. Both are capable of pinpointing

Tjeerd Saijoen CIO at ITAGroup ITPA has extended his cloud services, security health checks are now integrated with performance management, questions like is my website bullet proof or is it possible to break in are part of our security services. As well questions like is this virus checker delaying performance and how to resolve this

  Tjeerd Saijoen CIO at ITPAGroup Complexity and ICT are two words we can not separate anymore. New solutions are showing up and disappear rapidly. Today we are talking about cloud, hybrid, analytic, Watson, Big data, AWS, Containers, Docker and many other things. Difficulty now is what the right direction for your company is. Next,

Our performance tip is about placing a paging or swap file on a RAID drive. The location of the paging or swap file can cause severe delays in performance, if you allocated the paging file on the same physical disk as the OS and the system starts paging, the I/O will increase and everything will