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Tjeerd Saijoen CIO at ITPAGroup Just check all the articles about financial damage because of computer systems are failing. http://www.evolven.com/blog/downtime-outages-and-failures-understanding-their-true-costs.html check this web link. If we like to avoid this, we need to have the right security and monitoring tools in place. We purchasing expensive ERP solutions for hundred thousands of dollars, but a lot of companies fail if they

Tjeerd Saijoen CIO at ITPAGroup Two years ago we started building a portal for specific industries. By combining real portal information for Logistics, Government and manufacturing industries we are capable of not only monitor ICT infrastructure and applications, but add real value to the portals from all kind of PLC systems and industry specific monitors. Using

Tjeerd Saijoen CIO at ITPAGroup A lot of companies are purchasing expensive ERP software, next they start hiring implementation partners and rewrite the code. A lot of money has been spend but now they start testing in development the code and systems are not performing. They did not purchase any monitoring tool because most of

17 April 2016

Tjeerd Saijoen CIO at ITPAGroup Our AI system has resolved performance problems for several customers worldwide and is working in combination with several IBM tools for monitoring and analytics. For logistic customers, insurance and local government.  A holistic approach with a detailed view on all components. You can by a larger system but if parameter

Tjeerd Saijoen CIO at ITPAGroup Do you need performance management if you are running your application in the cloud at a cloud provider? Performance management and security are the most important things running your application on premise or from the cloud.  Even at a cloud provider you are dealing with several issues in performance, in

Tjeerd Saijoen CIO at ITPAGroup Performance and event monitoring; you can use them in any kind of environment. However, because of pricing and complexity they are difficult to use in small environments. Requirements for small environment and I consider small 3 to 5 servers. You have to  choose between available tools already available on the

24 February 2016

Tjeerd Saijoen CIO at ITPAGroup If you are in Las Vegas at Interconnect 2016, you get a load of information and your brain starts coming up with all kind of ideas. Is the following a dream of reality? Take all information from world leaders and politicians and feed them into Watson. Now let Watson come

Tjeerd Saijoen CIO at ITPAGroup IT is changing fast. In the past we have seen many new software solutions showing up and after a while they disappeared or occasionally popped up again. Today solutions as Cloud, hybrid, analytics, cognitive computing, Artificial Intelligence and big data are hot. How do you know what is best for