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ITPA IoT Security Innovation Centers

The common factors in IoT, Security and Performance

Connect several IoT components and you have no idea what it will do on your network performance and security.

Security has a big influence on performance and can delay transactions. You need visibility of the performance influence from virus checkers, firewalls and many other components. You can protect everything but are end users still able to work?

We test if everything is secure, but also optimize the influence on performance. We optimize and protect your systems and still keep your transactions fast and secure.

Pre-test your solution in one of our service centers in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Miami USA and LA USA.


Example cases: Tesla & Mitsubishi Outlander cars hacked

Innovations: you find them in all sizes of companies. They provide all kinds of products or services. Tesla built a self driving car. This is a great innovation. Unfortunately, hackers where able to push the break of the car.

Another example: The alarm on Mitsubishi’s Outlander hybrid car can be turned off via security bugs in its on-board wi-fi,¬†researchers have found.


ITPA can test your IOT innovation thoroughly before it goes in production