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ITPA is offering Performance Improvent as a Service, so in a SaaS model. Here you will find the pricing for the services that we can offer:


  • Choose your service plan

  • Infrastructure monitoring
  • Shows top five contributors to CPU, memory, disk, and network utilization, and a situations events table of open events. Shows status and configuration information about the operating system and managed system. Presents key values related to each processor. Presents key values about physical and virtual memory consumption and distribution. Shows disk activity and other key values. Presents key values related to network utilization. Shows current process utilization informationBasic reporting *
  • Notifications on infrastructure
  • Notifications full service
  • Transaction reports
  • Architecture visualization of an applicationApplication Discovery Montoring
  • Application Performance end user response timeApplication Performance Monitoring
  • Response time end2end over all componentsTransaction tracking
  • 90 day forecast for transactions and componentsPerformance Analytics
  • Optimization consultancy reports
  • Consultancy on: Diagnostics, parameter analytics and optimizationContinuous Performance Optimization Consultancy
  • Consultancy on: pro-active monitoring and preventionContinuous Prevention Consultancy


Download the ITPA Leaflet and the ITPA Rates and conditions overview



Pricing is per server/VM/container per month. A one time setup fee € 2.950 is applicable. The minimum contract period is of 12 months. The minimum number of servers is 5. Invoicing will be done on a monthly basis. In case of yearly invoicing upfront we offer a 5% discount.


Additional services:

In addition to the Gold, Silver or Bronze service ITPA offers the Diamond service for exploring the CMDB, licenses and change management. Pricing is per server/VM/container per month. The minimum contract period is 12 months. Invoicing will be done on a monthly basis. In case of yearly invoicing upfront we offer a 5% discount.


  • Optional: In addition to Gold, Silver or Bronze service

  • An inventory scan of all IT assets. A result is for example a server and all software installed. The fields can be adjusted.Scan ICT environment for IT assets
  • The inventory is visible in the smart cloud control desk dashboard.Store inventory in CMDB database
  • Based on the inventory the relations are made visible. A result is for example: a server’s specs (e.g. 16 GB memory, 4 CPU’s & 2 TB storage) and a complete overview of the hardware components and software components belonging to this server.Define relationship between assets
  • Change management contains the changes taking place between the current scan and the last scan or another selected date.Change management
  • Configuration management provides an overview of the changes with regard to the configuration. A result is for example that a database is migrated to a higher release. Configuration management
  • ITPA consultancy on the design of a CMDB.Consultancy on design CMDB


Emergency package for IT performance:

In case you are experiencing an actual performance issue (delay, outage, etc in the IT environment) and you can not detect the cause (and therefor can not solve the issue) we can offer you the Emergency Package for IT Performance.

For € 19,500 ITPA can detect the cause and give advice how to solve this, including 12 months monitoring (5 Gold licenses + set-up fee). In addition we will scan your entire IT environment not limited to the environment where you are experiencing the problems.

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