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The ITPA service is unique and therefore incomparable to common application and network monitoring tools. ITPA examines the entire IT landscape, from infrastructure, network and operating systems to cloud services, applications and databases.


Delays or instabilities of your ICT environment might be caused by the parameter settings. ITPA developed a unique approach to investigate the parameter settings and to optimize them, eliminating issues and improving speed, stability and performance.


ITPA's Performance Improvement as a Service will not only detect, but also resolve the causes of delays and instabilities. ITPA will provide detailed advise on where and how to resolve an issue. ITPA will detect the root cause and resolve the issue.


By using a Software as a Service model we can detect and resolve issues very fast. By means of continuous monitoring ITPA can also prevent issues to happen in the near future (up to 90 days ahead). You are completely in control of the IT environment.

Performance Improvement as a Service

ITPA is a specialist in the improvement and optimization of IT performance. Our team of highly qualified experts develops and uses our Performance Improvement as a Service to solve and prevent performance problems at companies worldwide. ITPA distinguishes itself with an integral vision on IT performance and their unique knowledge on the area of parameter management.

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Performance improving using Parameter Optimization

At ITPA our expertise concerning parameter optimization takes centre stage. Many organisations attempt to solve performance problems using extra hardware. An expensive and often unnecessary option. In more than 80% of cases performance problems are caused by misconfigured parameters. These are often left on their default values as set during the installation. After some time of intensive operational usage and maintenance, including updates and changes,  these default values will no longer be sufficient. Even worse, they will often be the direct cause of serious performance problems in either own applications or linked applications.

Exactly that connectedness within ever more complex IT environments makes performance issues so complicated. The large number of combinations of parameter values in various components make it almost impossible to determine which software or hardware is causing the problems and why. A business environment with 500 active applications and on average 5 parameters per application that impact performance, already results in 2500 variables. Then if each application makes use of 5 servers such as database, application and web servers, there are already 12500 different parameters that could cause problems. And then the complex configurations of routers, switches, firewalls and load-balancers have not even been taken into account.

In case of a calamity a specialist could be sent to search for the cause. But this could easily become a time consuming and expensive approach. ITPA offers a very fast and efficient solution.

Parameter Optimization through Artificial Intelligence

It is exactly in this enormous complexity where ITPA makes the difference. ITPA Parameter Optimization provides a fast and complete analysis of ten thousands of parameter combinations. ITPA uses an own Artificial Intelligence system to analyse the relations between parameters. Using this analysis ITPA is able to quickly find concrete solutions (usually within a matter of days). This combination of knowledge, experience and technology in the field of IT parameter management is unique in the world( patent pending). ITPA continues to focus and innovate in this knowledge.

Integral Service Offering

The ITPA service is unique and therefore incomparable to common application and network monitoring tools. ITPA examines the entire IT landscape, from infrastructure, network and operating systems to cloud services, applications and databases. The services takes in to account all 7 layers of the OSI-model. Even business critical environments find ITPA `Performance Improvement as a Solution’ to be the right solution.

With a monthly subscription model we will monitor your IT environment remotely en preventively.

Using this we can provide advice to prevent delays and downtime up to 90 days ahead. The ITPA service is available worldwide to all customers using the cloud and can be quickly deployed. On request we can also provide an on-premise service.

ITPA helps customers directly as well as via a partner network. Of course we can also work together with your own existing supplier network. Our service is designed to solve issues in multi-vendor environments to everyone’s content. Ask your IT partner about ITPA or contact us directly.

The Artificial Intelligence system in detail

First the AI system collects the parameter values of all IT components, including everything from applications, operations systems and databases to networks, web servers, routers and switches. At the same time the actual end-to-end performance of the system is analysed for various use cases. The performance is then compared to baseline values for similar cases with comparable numbers of concurrent users, software, etc. as well as manufacturer benchmarks.

Once the system has identified points to improve, it then zooms in to the behaviour of various components and application configurations (CPU, I/O, memory, applications, etc.)  and compares these with the baseline. The dependencies between components are determined with the help of so-called `forward and backward rules’. Does the AI analysis determine that a parameter forms a bottleneck, it then analyses the related elements – such as CPU, paging, paging file location – as well as configuration values in ini files and the registry. It then generates an advice with the optimal parameter values.

And finally the system ensures that the configuration of KPI-related events and alarms are adapted to the actual workload instead of using average values. Doing this ensures that these are adapted to the operational situation and contain relevant information for the various specialists (such as database, network and security specialists). This provides a significant improvement to both stability and performance, resulting in a large decrease in helpdesk calls.

Additional services

Besides the mentioned Performance Improvement service ITPA also offers an number of additional services:

  • With our Configuration Management Database (CMDB) and a `License Compliance Check’ we provide a current and complete overview of your IT environment.
  • Security has a significant impact on performance. ITPA can optimise security without adversely impacting the security of your IT environment.
  • In DevOps environments ITPA can do pre-test simulation of the live environment, where we analyse and optimize the capacity and impact of the live situation. This saves an organisation both time and money.

Continuous innovation of Performance optimization

The IT  field is quickly developing and IT environments are becoming increasingly complex. An important element in our service is that our experts can continuously keep our solution up-to-date to the latest developments such as microservices, multi-cloud, Kubernetes and Docker containers. But our services also support IoT devices, big data solutions and advanced cloud services. Besides these we are working on Cognitive Computing solutions as well as a globally unique SaaS solution for Blockchain Performance Improvement.

A clear business case for our customers

Our worldwide customer base consists of small, medium and large companies, as well as large government organisations and Fortune 500 companies such as NASA, Warner Bros. and Denso Europe. With our `Performance Improvement as a Service’ we solve and prevent damage due to delays and outages of systems or parts of the IT environment. The direct damage of an hour of downtime can already be thousands of dollars. Next to the impact on productivity and the repair costs there is also the risk of structural losses due to reputation damage and loss of customers.

Smarter Parameter Management at an Energy Provider

One of our customers – a large multinational in the energy market – has a large and very complex ERP application in use. They have already been dealing with serious user complaints for a while. The system was unusually slow, extremely unstable and would often have complete outages. Various supplier experts and consultants had attempted to solve these problems. A project lasting one and a halve year without any noticeable results.

After only one week of analysis ITPA was able to provide an advice containing the optimal parameter values for the specific customer situation. Within a few days the system became completely stable and unexpected downtime became a thing of the past.

In the second week performance was further improved resulting in a much faster working system. Currently the system is running with hardly any helpdesk calls and is the staff able  to better and more quickly help customers and suppliers full-time.

Support Matrix

The following OS, applications, databases, frameworks, containers, systems, APM services, cloud services and infrastructures are supported by ITPA Total Performance Management Services:

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This overview gives you an impression of the reach and width of the services offered by ITPA Total Performance Management Services. However this overview is not complete. We also offer services for additional applications and infrastructures (not listed yet) and even offer tailormade services. Please contact us to receive information about the full services portfolio.


The impact of unplanned down-time

What is your impact on revenue if you are hit by unplanned downtime? The simplest way to calculate potential revenue losses during an  outage is with the equation:

Lost revenue=(GR/TH) x I x H

GR = Gross yearly revenue
TH = Total yearly business hours
I   =  Percentage impact
H  =  Number of hours of outage

For example:

GR = € 40.000.000 revenue
TH = 260 working days (52 weeks x 5 days) with 8 hrs per day = 2080 hours per year
I   =  100% of the company is not able to work
H  =  1 hour outage

In this calculation example the damage is € 19.230,76 per hour (!). You know that unfortunately outages last much longer than one hour.


Nominations and awards

ITPA is very proud to present the achieved nominations and awards: