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ITPA Smarter ICT Service Centers

Smarter ICT Service Centers

Performance of applications is important, as well as the ROI for ICT. Today, many organizations have to do more with less money. For this purpose ITPA developed a Network Operations Center (NOC) solution.

Hospitals and local governments working together to get better results

Multiple hospitals can share the cost of monitoring and still keep the performance of transactions optimal. By using our centralized solution for security and performance they generate a high return on investment. Thereby, able to invest less in knowledge of performance of applications or IoT. The data is isolated but if needed can be used for benchmarking and further optimizations.

Local governments need to do more with less budget. Sharing ICT costs can help them with significant cost reductions. They can share ICT services and application monitoring costs. Using our centralized service centers. Saving on license costs. Reducing help desk calls and adding proactive monitoring of all ICT application transactions. Furthermore, saving costs on security and making sure that all transactions perform well and are protected against hackers. Frequent health checks on performance and security form part of our solution.