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ITPA Smarter Parameter Analysis

Smarter parameter setting analysis

Delays or instabilities might be caused by the parameter settings. ITPA developed a unique approach to investigate the parameter settings and to optimize them, eliminating issues and improving speed, stability and performance.

The settings and parameters for software and applications are crucial for their performance. What worked before, will not be the optimal setting for now,  causing delays and instabilities.

An application contains several parameters in the windows registery or *.ini files. The default values are average values and don’t contain the right values for optimal performance. Those parameters are not analyzed by regular monitoring software. ITPA has developed an Artificial Intelligence system, capable of analyzing those values and optimizing them for the fastest performance possible.

One common factor in software and applications are the values responsible for running an application without performance problems. These values take care of how an application is running and influence performance by reading automatically those settings and recommended adjustments for you to achieve the best performance.

ITPA’s Artificial Intelligence & Parameter Analytics

Resolving performance problems is a challenging task and a lot of times not possible if you don’t have the right tools and visibility over the total infrastructure all components and the path a transaction will follow.

ITPA has developed a unique Artificial Intelligence system, capable of analyzing those values and recommending the best values for the fastest performance

Reference case:  Multi National Electric Company

Situation: Maximo application. Systems unstable. Slow performance. Several vendors working for more than a year on the problem. No results.

Our solution: ITPA diagnosed the systems for one week. After one week we stabilized all systems. No more downtime. In the second week the performance improved further. No more complaints from end-users.