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What could have been clients of ITPA

ITPA can prevent computer outages like these to happen

Almost daily you can read examples in the local, national or even international news about organisations that had issues with the IT performance and/or security settings. We have create an overview of examples of organisations that were exposed in the news concerning these topics. These examples were a perfect fit for the services of ITPA to prevent these outages or issues to happen. Please feel free to make an estimate of the damage that was done to these organisations that could have been prevented. Please note these extremely large examples only reach the news. Can you imagine the number of outages on a smaller scale, but still leaving many organisations with huge damage?

May 2017: British Airways computer system failure

Almost € 410 million has been wiped off the value of International Airlines Group (IAG) following the catastrophic computer systems failure at British Airways. The issue caused havoc for holidaymakers and left the carrier facing a hefty compensation bill. Shares in BA-owner IAG, which is listed in both London and Madrid, slumped by 2.8pc as investors were left counting the cost of the IT meltdown which led to hundreds of flights being cancelled or delayed and left an estimated 75,000 passengers stranded.

British Airways remains in the dark why a power surge caused its IT system to fail and take flight, baggage and customer communication systems offline.

British Airways chief executive Alex Cruz said systems at 170 airports in 70 countries were affected, and that a backup system had also failed, adding that about 75,000 passengers had flights cancelled on Saturday and Sunday, though most eventually made it to their destinations.

Read more about this: Source: The Telegraph


April 2017: Nation wide internet outage KPN

KPN in the Netherlands suffered from an internet outage that caused a nationwide internet outage for their clients.

Read more about this: Source: Nu.nl (In Dutch)


January 2017: Delta Airlines Computer outages caused big delays

Delta Airlines suffered from an IT outage causingbig delays and the cancellation of about 300 flights. It’s the second time in less than six months that the airline has suffered a major IT problem resulting in travel chaos and angry passengers.

Read more about this: Source: CNC


January 2017: Online banking and iDeal payments unavailable due to outage at ING Bank

ING Bank was hit by an IT outage for a short period of time. Mobile banking services and payments through iDeal were not possible.

Read more about this: Source: Nu.nl (In Dutch)


September 2016: Vodafone network outage

A problem with a router disrupted 4G services on Vodafone’s mobile network in Australia. At around 6.30pm  Vodafone experienced an issue which impacted part of the network, resulting in intermittent disruption to voice, text and data services,” a Vodafone spokesperson said. “Mobile services were progressively restored from 10.45pm, with the majority of customers fully restored at 1.35am.” When 4G services were unavailable, Vodafone customers’ mobile services should have automatically downgraded to 3G and 2G services. However, network congestion affected the process. “A small portion of our customer base is this morning reporting some continued intermittent disruption to services,” the spokesperson said.

Read more about this: Source: Computerworld Australia


September 2016: Chinese company hacks Tesla car remotely

Innovations: you find them in all sizes of companies. They provide all kinds of products or services. Tesla built a self driving car. This is a great innovation. Unfortunately, hackers where able to push the break of the car.

Read more about this: Source: CNBC


June 2016: Alarm on Mitsubishi’s Outlander hybrid car can be turned off via security bugs

The alarm on Mitsubishi’s Outlander hybrid car can be turned off via security bugs in its on-board wi-fi, researchers have found.

Read more about this: Source: Auto Express UK